Instagram is renewing its application for Messaging Threads
Instagram is renewing its application for Messaging Threads

The Instagram platform has released a remake of the standalone messaging app, Themes, which features updated navigation, status tags, and support for posting photos and videos to Instagram stories.

The platform will continue to develop and tweak the app over the past month so that users can send messages to other people, not close friends, just like other direct messaging apps.

The new changes affect some thread availability limitations.

Although the app has a way to automatically update or even update status based on your location, it is very difficult to navigate different parts of the app.

The redesign aims to allow theme users to view their friends' status and stories using the new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and quickly interact with them or quickly switch to the camera interface. Or in the inbox.

According to Instagram, this new navigation method adds a "status" tag and attracts users from all over the world.

Additionally, the most recent changes made to your inbox (adding new labels) are now available worldwide.

Additionally, Instagram said: App users can now take photos or videos and share them via Instagram Stories and Close Friends Stories.

This option has been around since last month and a separate Inbox tab has been launched which should now be open to all users.

These changes are another step in preventing threads from being used only with close friends.

The update came after a complete overhaul of Facebook's mobile messaging apps. In September, the company announced a potential co-communication between Messenger and Instagram.

This update includes the ability to change chat color and interact with each emoji, in addition to other new features. Facebook said: Vanish will soon be appearing on Instagram.

Topics rank 66th in the Photo & Video category on the US App Store and total 1031.

These new efforts show that Instagram continues to transform the user experience of the entire app to suit the needs of users who use the Instagram messaging system.

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