Trump continues to block WeChat and TikTok
Trump continues to block WeChat and TikTok

US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien said he expects the president (Donald Trump) to try to block the success of WeChat and TikTok.

The Trump administration's decision to restrict Chinese social media platforms in the United States was suspended because it was due to national security and as a result of a court order.

WeChat and TikTok users believe that the ban is driven by Election Year policies and does not pose a real security risk.

In the end, O'Brien said that the president's authority was related to blocking these motions, these cases are still under trial, and the federal government is waiting for the court to make a decision to tell us what this ban can do. We cannot do anything. What.

"I think this ban will be imposed even if the leadership changes," O'Brien said at an event in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

President-elect (Biden), who was in office on Jan.20, has pledged to re-examine the security risks surrounding TikTok.

O'Brien said the US government is also investigating other Chinese companies with widespread use in the US.

He said: These companies collect a lot of data from the Americans. We are also investigating these applications and action may be taken. We have to see what the president decides.

O'Brien criticized China again and again, saying that China should learn to play by international rules and not behave like a lake in the South China Sea.

China's vast territorial sovereignty in the resource-rich South China Sea has created divisions with its neighbors in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.

The United States has been sending warships and aircraft over decades from disputed territories to ensure freedom of navigation in what it considers airspace and international waters.

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