Internet Archive explains why web pages were removed
Internet Archive explains why web pages were removed

The Internet Archive announced that it will publish fact-check notes in some web archives through the World Wide Web Digital Archive (Wayback Machine).

Wayback Machine director Mark Graham said the organization recognized the need for the feature after seeing several fact-checking groups regarding archived versions of the page.

"We tried to preserve our digital history but we were aware of the problem of accessing incorrect information from various sources," Graham wrote.

We hope that customers can better understand what they are reading on the Wayback Machine by providing relevant links to key information.

Since fact-checking agencies focus primarily on re-displaying old information to debunk it, Internet Archive considers it very important that the referencing machine itself provides this context in the archive page.

Presentation includes example graphs to verify Wayback Machine digital archiving facts.

There will be a yellow bar at the top of the archive page asking the user to accept a review of the message, with a link to the article about reviewing the message in the poster.

Examples include an archive of CNN Reports on the 2017 Republican Healthcare Act, and another example is an archive link to a page that researchers identified as part of a fake advertising campaign.

Wayback Machine now includes a link to fake news reports. Wayback Machine can be a useful resource for material that was originally posted on social platforms but removed due to policy violations.

A medium-sized post containing misinformation about (COVID-19) has been removed due to policy violations, and the Wayback Machine now displays a label indicating that the page was removed due to violations of platform rules.

Wayback Machine is the Internet's largest archive of digital data, maintained by the nonprofit Internet Archive.

Users can search almost any webpage and find an archived copy of that webpage.

Some websites have multiple versions of their archived pages so you can go back in time and see what a particular web page looked like at some point in its history.

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