Sony threatens the company that wants to sell its PS5 interfaces especially
Sony threatens the company that wants to sell its PS5 interfaces especially

The report reveals that the Japanese company Sony has threatened with allegedly infringing potential patents, forcing the Plate Station to change its name and cancel all current initial filings for the PS5 private interface.

Early last month, a company called the Plate Station revealed a bunch of customizable and interchangeable interfaces for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

The startup offered to sell a number of custom skins to potential PS5 owners. Replace the white façade board with different colors. The price is $ 40 including silver, red, black, or blue.

The Panel Station, since renamed CustomizeMyPlates, stated that we did our best before launch and we think this shouldn't be an issue since Sony has patents on white only.

She added: Due to trademark infringement, Sony's lawyers asked us to change our name the day after the site was published. We think this change is enough to please everyone. Honestly, we hope so, because we've already started developing. Our products.

According to a Sony lawyer, Sony's patent and copyright issues have affected the user interface. If CustomizeMyPlates continues to sell private interfaces in a country / region, the court will be sued.

We are canceling all front orders around the world and returning prices to customers. We are very disappointed with this, but we have no choice, ”the startup said.

CustomizeMyPlates continues to sell a variety of protective cases for the PS5 and DualSense, providing flexibility to customers who may need colors other than the standard black and white color scheme.

Since its first release last summer, the PS5 has received a lot of attention because its unusual design is very different from the previous PlayStation platform.

The PS5 features a futuristic black and white design and white interfaces on the left and right side of the platform.

(PS5) is expected to be officially released in certain regions on November 12, 2020, and a larger global version will be released on November 19, 2020.

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