IPad Pro 2021 may contain Apple 5G modem
IPad Pro 2021 may contain Apple 5G modem

The new leak indicates that the iPad Pro tablet will be the first to test a 5G antenna developed by Apple itself.

In the past, people have talked over and over about the upcoming iPad Pro computer that will eliminate the old LCD screen and use the new mini LED technology that uses backlighting because this type allows Apple to increase the brightness or how to make the screen appear some areas gray instead of increasing the brightness or darkness In full screen mode. With this technology, the company aims to enhance the visual experience, specifically by increasing the contrast tool on the iPad Pro computer.

DigiTimes announced that Apple is currently developing 5G network devices that support mmWave technology and will be used in iPads with expanded specifications in 2021.

There have been rumors that Apple is planning to roll out the new mmWave 5G module in the iPhone next year, but that app could mean the company wants to test it first.

Apple's AiP technology enables iPad Pro devices to support the mmWave 5G standard. This standard is the same standard supported by the iPhone 12 model, which was introduced specifically for the United States. The difference, however, is that the iPad Pro 2021 has to be made by Apple. Ingredients.

It should be noted that a report published a few days ago on the TheElec website indicated that Apple was preparing to use Samsung and LG OLED screens for iPad Pro tablets (which are expected to hit the market next year). ) Instead of LCD screens.

According to the report, Samsung and LG (which currently provide OLED displays for iPhones) are working hard to develop new OLED displays for new tablets. The company may launch the product in the second half of 2021.

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