Spotify tests the story with artists
Spotify tests the story with artists

Spotify is the latest platform for story features, although it appears that few great music artists can use it.

This was about a week after the alleged "fleet" story first appeared on Twitter.

The feature story movie was released earlier this year under the official name Storyline, which allows artists and fans to share similar stories.

The company began testing the Storyline feature publicly in May of this year when it allowed some influencers and artists to add it to their playlists.

The platform confirmed at the time that it was testing the story tool to give artists the ability to share content with fans.

With the exception of limited mobile device users in the US, there is no detailed information on the widespread availability of this feature.

This time, the feature has become popular with the recently updated Christmas Hits playlist, which includes stories from artists like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Lopez.

Users have reported seeing stories in other officially created playlists such as Tear Drop, but it is unclear how many artists can use the tool.

Spotify confirmed that this is a test. Therefore, there is no information yet on whether to watch more stories or when you can add them to the playlist.

A Spotify spokesperson said in a statement: In order to improve our user experience, we will be testing Spotify regularly. Some of these tests pave the way for a broader user experience. At the moment we do not have more news to share. Information on future projects.

The story feature is growing in popularity and can be used by many major social media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

This feature provides viewers with short, full-screen videos that can scroll quickly.

It is not clear if Spotify users can add their own stories to the app.

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