MacOS Big Sur is disabling the old MacBook Pro
MacOS Big Sur is disabling the old MacBook Pro

According to the Apple Support Forum, many Apple computer users are facing the macOS Big Sur update issue.

A large number of users reported this issue in the MacRumors forum thread, and the Reddit and Apple support communities have reported similar issues, indicating the problem is widespread.

The problem is with the 13-inch MacBook Pro computers released in late 2013 or mid-2014. Users of these devices see a black screen when trying to update their device to macOS Big Sur.

After trying to install the update, you will not be able to access the main reset packages including NVRAM, SMC, Safe Mode, and Internet Restore, and you will not be able to bypass the fixed black screen.

The technician checking the customer seems to have fixed the problem after removing the IC chip from the HDMI port, but he's not sure if that is the cause.

Apple is asking at least one owner to send their system in for repair, and another said Apple's development team is aware of the problem.

For now, you might at least want to finish updating your old 13-inch MacBook Pro to macOS Big Sur until the root cause is clear and Apple releases a fix.

The number of users of the older 13-inch MacBook Pro is unclear. It's also worth noting that these are the older models that the macOS Big Sur update supports.

Since not all past 13-inch MacBook Pro users affected by this issue are covered by the warranty, even if you've purchased an AppleCare warranty, the problem could be a big loss for users.

Although Apple may bear these costs in the future, a system that works in a short period of time can be an expensive repair or replacement process.

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