MediaTek purchases the Intel Power Management chipset
MediaTek purchases the Intel Power Management chipset

MediaTek announced that it will acquire assets related to the Intel Enpirion line for its power management chipset through its subsidiary Richtek.

This transaction is unlikely to have a significant impact on the smartphone market, but it could improve Taiwan's MediaTek site and make it more competitive.

The total amount of the deal is estimated at $ 85 million. The deadline for the transaction was originally set for the fourth quarter, but the actual date will be decided after the relevant legal process has been completed.

MediaTek said that once the merger is complete, it will expand the product line and provide integrated, high-frequency and high-efficiency power solutions for FPGA, SoC, CPU and ASIC semiconductors for system-wide applications. Companies to expand business, improve business performance and competition. Energy.

Intel's official website states that the Enpirion Power Management Module is a high-end solution on the market that can integrate the components required for power management. To meet the requirements of FPGA, ASIC, CPU and other semiconductor power supplies.

Energy management chips are typically used in devices with batteries as their power sources and are responsible for power transmission and distribution, as well as other energy management systems in India, including electronic equipment systems.

The power management chip is mainly used to convert voltage and current sources into energy that can be used by microprocessors and sensors.

MediaTek is actively developing a dedicated ASIC Server Printed Circuit Board business.

It has also reportedly received a request from Google to integrate the Enpirion product line for a more complete server solution and expand these solutions to 5G modem space.

Intel reportedly sold smartphone modems to Apple to Apple last year.

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