Microsoft added a new feature to the Microsoft Edge web browser earlier this year that can hide notification panels. News publishers, social media platforms, and websites use the notification panel to indicate content, spam, and even malicious messages. Link to the program.

The web browser does not send a warning to the user unless the user is open in the background. If the browser is not running in the background, the user may miss important updates, such as: emails and appointments sent through PWA sites or progressive web applications. Or planned memories.

Another problem with this method is that when users start their browser the next day, they get a lot of notifications.

To address this issue, Microsoft Edge update now introduces a new feature that uses a new set of APIs to enable background web notifications support.

This enables Windows 10 users to receive notifications when Microsoft Edge is closed and web alerts are reduced by enabling real-time notification experience.

This feature is now available to anyone using Windows 10 version 20H1 and later versions of Microsoft Browser 85.

Microsoft is also committed to enabling support for notification indicators in the system tray.

This functionality has always been limited to native applications, for example however, email, calendar, etc. has now reached Microsoft Edge's Progressive Web Application and installed websites.

Previously, badging treatment for progressive web applications was only effective when the web application was open and when the browser or web application was closed, the icon was not displayed in the system tray.

If the application is not open after the update, the progressive web application supports the icon in the system tray.

Microsoft recommends using this feature to upgrade Edge browser version 85 to a progressive web application and upgrade to version 87 on installed site.

This feature applies to Windows 10 version 20H1 and later.

For websites that want to use the Microsoft Edge badge system, Microsoft has provided guidance on this aspect.
Microsoft Edge makes sure that you never miss any important notifications
Microsoft Edge makes sure that you never miss any important notifications

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