Microsoft expects a shortage of Xbox platforms
Microsoft expects a shortage of Xbox platforms

Microsoft sells Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles in small quantities.

If you can't get the platform on demand for the first time, you can wait until next year.

And according to the software giant, there may not be enough Xbox hardware in the next few months to be easily sold in stores.

Speaking at the virtual conference for Jefferies Interactive Entertainment, Xbox CFO Tim Stewart (Tim Stewart) said, "I think as we approach the next holiday season, the show will still be insufficient."

(Phil Spencer) Phil Spencer, currently executive vice president of games at Microsoft and president of the Xbox brand, tried to predict supply shortages in late October.

He said, “Our need will exceed the needs that we provide, which is why I will apologize to people in advance. I think we will live in this world for a few months because our needs will be much more than this.” We provide that. "

Spencer again apologized for the limited number of Xbox platforms at the Twitch Virtual Glitchcon event. He said, We have been building for nearly two months and trying to get as many Xbox platforms as possible into the store, but the demand is very high.

According to Stewart, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S offering may change early next year.

“When we enter fiscal fourth quarter, our supply chain will operate at the fastest pace, and Microsoft’s fiscal fourth quarter will start between April and June,” said Stewart.

Microsoft is said to be not the only company anticipating a shortage of new gaming products this year. Every time a new device is launched, it will always be in short supply.

Nvidia CEO (Huang Renxun) said in early October that the company expects to run out of RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 graphics cards by next year.

It appears that there aren't many PlayStation 5 consoles for sale.

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