Epic Games may also bring your facial expressions to Fortnite
Epic Games may also bring your facial expressions to Fortnite

Epic Games has purchased Hyprsense for its real-time face animation technology so you can use a simple webcam to directly incorporate your facial expressions into video game characters. This technology is very suitable for Fortnite.

"This acquisition will allow game developers to explore more innovations in digital characters," said Kim Libreri, Director of Epic Games.

Constant updates have transformed Fortnite from a game into a popular social space where you can hang out with friends.

Despite these constant updates, emojis are still limited to the emotions that Epic Games brings to the game.

Epic Games' Hyprsense facial animation technology plan is not yet clear, but there is speculation that it may initially be used as a creative expression tool by developers in an online social environment. Instead as an exclusive gaming feature.

Since its launch, Fortnite has hosted many social events like concerts and movie premieres, making it a platform not just for gaming.

"The presentation from the Hyprsense team brings us closer to our goal of giving all developers complete control over their vision," said Epic Games' Chief Games Officer.

Epic Games has previously explored inexpensive forms of motion capture for the Unreal Game Engine, including using the iPhone's TrueDepth camera to create deep face maps, but possibly by using webcam capabilities to enable more developers to capture facial movement.

In March this year, Epic Games acquired UK digital animation technology company Cubic Motion Ltd for an undisclosed sum.

At the same time that Epic Games acquired the 3lateral Serbian tech company in January 2019, 3lateral's tech solutions were used to create virtual characters in games, movies and TV shows.

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