Microsoft wants to bring Android apps to Windows
Microsoft wants to bring Android apps to Windows

Microsoft is considering adding Android apps to its Windows operating system in 2021, according to a new report.

Apps like Bluestacks offer emulators for Android. However, Microsoft chooses to make applications as well as UWP and Win32 applications available for download and play.

Internal discussions about adding an environment to run Android apps called Android Runtime to Windows 10 are still going on.

These changes may coincide with major improvements to Microsoft's operating system and are expected to take place in the fall of 2021.

When the mobile version of Windows 10 was discontinued in 2017, Microsoft first used Android as the preferred operating system for mobile devices.

The company offers mobile versions of most of its apps for Android. Windows Your Phone app users can run many apps from compatible smartphones. However, the service is currently limited to Samsung users.

Direct access to Android apps is a major upgrade for Windows 10 and is in direct competition with Google's Chromebooks, which can run ChromeOS, Android, and Linux apps at the same time.

By accessing the Chrome browser and rumors through the Linux GUI, adding Android apps makes Windows an almost universal operating system.

It is said that the release of Windows 10X RTM for multi-screen devices may be ready before the end of this year and is expected to begin rolling out in early 2021.

Windows 10x is ranked by Google as a direct competitor to Chrome.

Windows might include an Android section in the Microsoft Store. However, this poses current problems for existing Android owners who might pay for an app on two different stores and store it differently on different devices. data.

Obviously, this idea requires some elaboration and if that happens it could represent a major shift in the desktop and laptop market.

Over the past two years, Windows 10's interest in major features or OS changes has waned, but this trend appears to be changing as Microsoft plans to focus heavily on the OS. 'Next year.

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