Mozilla released a new version of Firefox with higher performance
Mozilla released a new version of Firefox with higher performance

Mozilla Foundation released version 83 of the Firefox web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The new version includes HTTPS only mode, performance improvements and new developer functions.

According to Mozilla, Firefox has around 225 million active users, which makes it an important platform for web developers.

Mozilla releases a new version of the web browser every four weeks, and Firefox version 84 is expected to release in mid-December.

Mozilla has laid off some employees recently and is now wary of getting hurt by Google's antitrust measures in the US.

The company has doubled its level of privacy and security this year and is confident of its ability to restore businesses, developers, and users by protecting their data.

It also has version 83 of HTTPS mode only for Firefox. The browser tries to establish a secure connection to every website. Failed to do this, Firefox will ask for your permission before connecting to a site that does not support secure connections.

HTTPS is the most secure version of the HTTP Internet Protocol used to connect users to websites.

A secure connection is a necessary measure to minimize content entry, which can lead to eavesdropping, attacks, and other data alterations.

Data such as passwords, credit card numbers and other confidential information are safe for third parties.

Additionally, users can be more confident that they are communicating with the right website.

Although most websites support HTTPS, many websites are caused by outdated and insecure HTTP protocol.

Additionally, the web contains millions of old HTTP links that point to insecure versions of the website.

Mozilla tries to encourage Firefox users to always use HTTPS, and the HTTPS Only mode ensures that the browser will not make unsafe connections without permission.

Whether you click on the HTTP link or manually enter the HTTP address, Firefox uses HTTPS in this mode.

Firefox can quickly enable HTTPS-only mode by default. However, the main obstacle preventing Mozilla from doing this now is that some HTTPS sites continue to provide resources over HTTP, such as: b. Pictures or videos.

As a result, the website may crash or not display properly in this mode.

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