YouTube tests audio ads as they play in the background
YouTube tests audio ads as they play in the background

YouTube has announced plans to run audio ads to connect the brand with an audience that regularly listens to music and podcasts.

Currently in the testing phase, new YouTube audio ads are targeting companies looking to actively expand their influence and increase brand awareness.

YouTube Advertising Producer Melissa Hsieh Nikolic estimates that over 75% of audio campaigns measured by YouTube have significantly increased brand awareness.

A Shutterfly customer said that after reading the audio ads, their recall rate increased by 14% and the preference increased by 2%.

The latest features are aimed at users who mainly use the platform as their preferred service for listening to music and podcasts.

This ad experiment idea is similar to what you might come across when you get a free subscription through Spotify.

These ads are about 15 seconds long and mostly talk about audio. However, it still contains visual components like still images or short animations.

Nikolic provides some guidelines for creating compelling content, such as: B: The voice should play a leadership role, the subject matter of the ad must be clearly understood with closed eyes and convey the message clearly and clearly when choosing with a gentle voice to convey the advertisement.

To cater to the needs of people who regularly visit YouTube to listen to music, the platform announced that it will launch Dynamic Music Collection, which is a group of channels dedicated to different types of popular music.

The platform says brands will be able to easily target these groups and achieve business results.

Nikolic said the use of video and audio ads enables brands to attract more people than ever before.

Brands can use the same targeting options to bid on audio ads on a CPM basis through Google Ads and the Display & Video 360 platform.

The platform claims that over 50% of viewers who consume music content in one day consume more than 10 minutes of music videos, which proves the popularity of these videos.

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