Q2 Monochrom .. Leica's newest camera
Q2 Monochrom .. Leica's newest camera

German company Leica (Leica) has announced its latest black and white Q2 monochrome camera, which is an exact replica of the Leica Q2 camera that was unveiled last year.

Not surprisingly, Leica offers non-standard cameras like the Leica M10-D without an LCD screen or monochrome M cameras of various ages that only take black and white photos.

The Q2 Monochrome features a new 47.3-megapixel monochrome sensor and will go on sale on November 10 for $ 5,995.

Since all previous models are based on the M-series rangefinder, the Q2 Monochrom is the first monochrome autofocus camera.

This new camera is based on the Leica Q2 camera and has the same design, the same viewfinder, the same autofocus system, the same processor, the same battery and the same software in addition to the 28mm lens (f / 1.7 coverage). It remains unchanged and the weather resistance index also reaches IP52 standards.

The new camera has a 47MP full-screen black and white sensor that can capture a wide dynamic range and has better sensitivity than the Leica Q2 color sensor.

Leica claims that although the physical pixels are the same due to the lack of a color filter matrix, the camera has a higher resolution than the color sensor and the highest resolution among monochrome cameras.

Leica said: The internal sensor has been completely redesigned into a black and white camera. It includes a small lens that focuses the micro lens on every pixel, which will allow the black and white camera to perform better with high sensitivity. And capture a wider dynamic range.

Leica changed the menu to remove all settings not related to black and white cameras and it would only get three color filters suitable for black and white photography.

Since its first release in 2012, the M Monochrome series has been favored by black and white photographers because it can capture better detail than color images converted to black and white.

Many people find that a black and white camera is not of much value, but there are reasons to consider because a black and white camera does not have a color filter above the sensor, which allows it to capture more light.

The image is also clearer at the pixel level because the algorithm generates no noise and the noise is less even without color noise.

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