DIERYA DK63-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard
DIERYA DK63-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard

DIERYA 60% Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Bluetooth 4.0 Built-in Wired Backlit True RGB 63 Full Programmable Keys - Blue Switch (DK63-W)

Dual mode connection

The keyboard is designed for two-mode communication (Bluetooth mode and cable mode).

USB cable mode: To connect the cable to the computer, the keyboard will automatically switch to the cable mode or press FN + R to switch from cable mode to bluetooth mode.

Bluetooth mode: Press the “FN + Z / X / C” key to connect to the bluetooth device (Press “FN + Z / X / C” for 6 seconds, the bluetooth is in the pairing state and the indicator light flashes, short press FN + Z / X / C, the bluetooth keyboard will enter reconnection state and the LED indicator will flash slowly


Extend your finger, start typing frantically, and press all buttons at the same time. When the N key is used in wired mode, no keystrokes are missed.

Durable design

The distance between the cap and the frame is only 0.8mm

Ergonomic design

DERYA keyboard adopts an ergonomic design and can be easily used for a long time. Comfortable buttons can reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions

Detachable USB-C cable

USB-C 1.5m Type L cable with aluminum alloy connector and advanced braided cable widely compatible with computers, more versatile and convenient charging method, more reliable data transmission, more space saving

Compact design

The compact design of mechanical keyboard saves more space due to its easy to carry and use, and it has stable and powerful bluetooth function, so you can use 60% of mechanical keyboard at home, at work or on the go.

DIERYA DK63-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard
DIERYA DK63-W Wireless Gaming Keyboard

  • The beautiful RGB DIERYA keyboard has 7 colors and 8 RGB light effects. You will be shocked when playing the keyboard at night or in dark places
  • ENJOY YOUR WORK - The scientific design of the DIERYA DK63-W ladder provides maximum comfort and makes your hands look completely natural. Designed for gamers, office workers, scriptwriters, programmers, writing teachers, and editors
  • The DK63 1900mAh battery has a capacity of 60%, making it twice the size of most other keyboards. This ensures that the DK63 will last as long as possible on a single charge, and thanks to wireless connectivity, the DK63 is very suitable for any office.
  • The powerful and comfortable Bluetooth feature is easy to carry and use, so you can use 60% mechanical keyboard at home, work, and on the go. Feel free to join us!
  • Multiple Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - DERYA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard supports up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously and can be switched off easily. Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Win7 / 8/10, iOS, Android 4.4 or above, Mac OS, Compatible with iPad Pro / Air / Mini, iPhone 6S / 7/8 / X, Galaxy Tab, Android tablet and more compatibility Multimeter - equipment

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