BOSCAM K7 Pro HD Wireless Car Backup Camera
BOSCAM K7 Pro HD Wireless Car Backup Camera

BOSCAM 720P HD Wireless Reverse Camera, Support 2 Wireless Digital Signal Cameras, 1 Waterproof Reverse Camera, 5 HD TFT-LCD Screens, Very Suitable for SUV / Van / Truck / Mini RV / Capture (BOSCAM K7 Professional)

K7 Pro digital wireless backup camera

720P HD picture display
Wireless digital transmission
5 inch screen
Support for two camera connections and independent settings (connect to intended K7 Pro available separately)

K7 Pro can be connected to two cameras, each camera has its own setup parameters.

Imagine mounting the camera front and back or in different positions. You may need other setting parameters such as "invert" / "normal" or "high" / "low" or just need clarification. K7 Pro can fully help you.

Integrated transmitter makes installation easier and ensures better signal (no interference from other objects)

The all-glass lens provides the camera with better anti-aging. Longer life, better picture performance

With the new silicone suction cup, the screen can be securely attached to the dashboard or windshield. It can be washed and reused

The charger has a USB charging port. You can still charge the device while using the K7 Pro

BOSCAM K7 Pro HD Wireless Car Backup Camera
BOSCAM K7 Pro HD Wireless Car Backup Camera

  • 【5 Inch 720P P-picture Screen, Want clear picture when reversed? The 5-inch K7 Pro with a resolution of 720p is the ideal choice. In addition, the camera sensor is also connected to dual scanning, which can greatly reduce the static pattern noise. On the K7 Pro, you will find that the rear camera display has been significantly improved.
  • [Digital wireless signal to provide a complete solution to reverse interference, K7 PRO combines encrypted digital technology. The 5 '' TFT LCD screen provides enough detail, contrast and color accuracy to distinguish objects. The screen image is clear and easy to read, so you can save it safely.
  • [6 adjustable controls] Wondering if the reversing camera is suitable for your vehicle? K7 Pro offers six different rails and the angle of the rear view camera is adjustable. You can install the camera in the preferred location and adjust the length and width of the steering plate according to the vehicle.
  • Should the rear camera wide angle be as wide as possible? The main role of the rear camera is to assist in parking by providing a rear view of the rear of the vehicle. Ultra-wide angle lens distorts the image. The K7 PRO has a horizontal angle of 110 ° and a diagonal of 140 ° in order to provide very adequate rear view without distortion.
  • [Dual Camera Support] You can connect up to two cameras to the screen and switch between different display modes. Each camera has its own independent settings.

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