Cooler Master Master H500 ARGB Airflow ATX PC Case
Cooler Master Master H500 ARGB Airflow ATX PC Case

Cooler Master MCM-H500-IGNN-S01 H500 ARGB Airflow ATX Mid-turret with clear mesh front option, two 200mm ARGB fans, tempered glass, ARGB lighting system

With the adrenaline pumping, two headboard, two 200mm ARGB fans, and a handle can be used. The MasterCase H500 is designed as a personal ATX case for powerful airflow. Now with the 200mm ARGB fan, its legacy has great lighting. Each facade option determines whether the design is exceptional in terms of solid airflow performance or eye-catching aesthetics. Of course, the grille is ideal for providing lots of fresh air to the pre-installed fans. On the other hand, the transparent plate checks these fans with a clear line of sight. With the accompanying accessories, an extensive ventilation system, and unique design elements for the H-Series, the MasterCase H500 retains all the benefits of the original product and adds an ARGB fan.

Stunning design

MasterCase H500 ARGB has a mesh interface and a clear panel for choosing between maximum airflow and aesthetics. Each of the interface options complements the industrial design of the MasterCase H500 ARGB in its own way.

Two 200mm ARGB fans are preinstalled with an ARGB controller and hub. The lighting system can also be controlled via the reset button to scroll through colors and modes.

Checkered and transparent front panel

Translucent and interlocking headboards are included to increase airflow and allow a clear view of the fan.

200mm dual ARGB fan

The legendary ARGB 200mm fan can run quietly due to its size and still deliver plenty of air.

Optimum air flow

Filter ventilation at the top provides additional thermal support as well as mounting options for future cooling upgrades.

ARGB lighting system

Pre-installed ARGB fans can be managed by the included motherboard or splitter and controller to create an all-in-one unit

Tempered glass side panel

Gaming consoles are projected into a panoramic view through frameless glass sidewalls, custom ring cooling, and the designer's sheer pride.

Concealed handle

The handle is built into the top and can be easily carried to gaming events or LAN parties.

Cooler Master Master H500 ARGB Airflow ATX PC Case
Cooler Master Master H500 ARGB Airflow ATX PC Case

  • Transparent Mesh & Front - The transparent grille and faceplate increase air flow and provide clear view of the fan
  • Two 200mm ARGB Fans - The legendary RGB fan is a key element in the design and function of the H-Series. Due to its size, it can work quietly while delivering a lot of air
  • ARGB Lighting System - Pre-installed ARGB fan can be managed from the integrated motherboard or controller (connected via built-in splitter) to create an all-in-one ARGB lighting system
  • Tempered glass side wall intersects the side wall made of tempered glass from side to side to display the game console with panoramic views, single-loop cooling and sheer creative pride
  • The improved ventilation of the airflow filter on top provides additional heat support as well as mounting options for future cooling upgrades

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