Cougar Panzer Max Ultimate Full Tower PC Gaming Case
Cougar Panzer Max Ultimate Full Tower PC Gaming Case

Complete game package

PANZER MAX is a complete tower game box designed for gamers, quick-features, candy, and professional PC gamers. It gives you unparalleled freedom in system design and gives you the best component options. The heat dissipation capacity is great. It features an attractive and professional sporty design that can expand any area you place it in.

Stunning graphics + lots of storage + freedom from the motherboard

Panzer MAX gives you unparalleled freedom to design the system. It supports six different motherboard profile factors and up to four 390mm two-slot graphics cards, so you can install all the computing power you need and accommodate up to four storage devices that give enough space for your files.

Powerful airflow + water cooling stand + intelligent cable management

For casual gamers, speed lovers and computer fans, cooling is essential, and the Panzer Max has everything they need. With support for up to eight fans and four water coolers, you'll get sufficient cooling performance that even the most advanced components won't overheat. Additionally, an intelligent cable management system anchors all cables behind the motherboard bay, allowing for smooth airflow and heat dissipation from internal components.

Military design + very ergonomic + easy to adjust

No matter where it is installed: the built-in computer of the PANZER MAX is impressive. With a military-inspired metallic design with large side windows, this chassis could be a professional-looking armored body or a camera lens with an incandescent LED fan: it's your choice.

Metal military style, big side windows

The removable caps and holes on all four sides make it easy to adjust and allow it to be transformed into any shape.

Other functions like keyboard tray that can save space on the desk, headphone jack, four USB plugs, and two handles make your life easier.

Cougar Panzer Max Ultimate Full Tower PC Gaming Case
Cougar Panzer Max Ultimate Full Tower PC Gaming Case

  • Great scalability, great graphics + memory + motherboard freedom
  • Super cooling with powerful airflow + water cooling stand + smart cable management
  • Premium design and military style design + ergonomic design + easy adjustment
  • Maximum number of fans: Up to 8

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