Galaxy DX-959B Mobile CB Radio
Galaxy DX-959B Mobile CB Radio

Galaxy Radio DX-959B Mobile CB with blue frequency, channel number, and starlight backlit

Galaxy CB Radio has features that serious CB players can enjoy and new users can easily master. The radio function has an easy-to-drive format, which is essential for easy operation and at the same time directs road visibility. Each knob or button controls its own task, eliminating the need to glance at the screen or navigate multiple menus. The DX-959 has performed well over the past fifteen years. It is at the top of our portable CB series and has powerful wireless capabilities. The Galaxy DX-959B features AM / SSB and PA modes with large, easy-to-read tablets, including: power dial for AM and SSB calibration, dial ratio adjustment for AM, and a signal strength indicator showing S9 and SWR numbers up to 60 dB. Five-digit frequency counter with on / off switch, automatic SWR circuit (does not require complicated calibration procedures), alarm circuit with high SWR with warning LED indication, intercom circuit with on / off switch and volume control, variable power control, Dimmer on / off switch with variable control, Roger Bape with on / off switch and LED display, noise cancellation and automatic noise detection circuit. It also includes a Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) circuit for weak SSB signals. Blue instrument lights, blue channel and alternate lights. Full size housing, microphone jack on the side, focus control, three-position receiver tone control, blue / red LED indication for RX / TX, radio frequency gain control, microphone gain control, rear external speaker jack, and generally, The title is covered by a two-year limited warranty. Dimensions: 7-7 / 8 "W x 9-1 / 4" D x 2-5 / 16 "H (Depth without button or antenna connector) (Width without side microphone connector) Radio with Mic Weight: 4.4 lbs Charging: 5 , 8 pounds what's in the box next to the radio: handheld microphone, radio stand, microphone stand, power cord, user manual

  •     Five-digit frequency counter with a large blue number, two-digit channel width, and a large blue number. 4-Scale Galaxy Scale: Displayed "S" on the S9 at up to 60dB. Adjust the AM scale. Power meter is calibrated for both AM and SSB. SWR scale
  •     Galaxy StarLite features a white backlight with a blue or red backlight. During the day, all letters on the front are white. This image shows how the colored backlight turns characters blue or red. The frequency numbers and LED channels are always blue day and night
  •     Large, easy-to-read meter with meter for output power, modulation, standing wave ratio, and input signal
  •     Variable power control, variable feedback circuit with on / off switch, SWR automatic switching and SWR alarm screen, Roger Bibb with on / off switch
  •     Variable dimming control, the instrument lighting by pressing the switch, the Star lite display and the backlight number, the three-digit receiver tone switch and the Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) circuit can reduce the noise to restore the weak SSB signal

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