Uniden SR30C Bearcat Compact Handheld Scanner
Uniden SR30C Bearcat Compact Handheld Scanner

Uniden SR30C Bearcat, 500-channel built-in scanner, RF proximity technology, turbo search, computer programming, BC365CRS 500-channel scanner and alarm clock with snooze function

Uniden SR30C Bearcat, built-in 500-channel scanner, close-up for RF technology, turbo search, computer programming, NASCAR, racing, public safety, police, firefighting, emergency medical services, ships, civil aviation
Uniden SR30C BearCat, Built-in 500 Channel Scanner, Short Range RF Acquisition Technology, Turbo Search, Computer Programming, Public Safety, Police, Fire, Emergency, Sails, Racing, Civil AI

Uniden BC365CRS 500 channel scanner, alarm clock with snooze and sleep, VHF radio with weather warning, search area, usually used for police, fire / rescue, aircraft, radio and sea broadcast
BC365CRS is a multi-functional conventional scanner. Enter and save frequencies for Police, Fire / Emergency, Marine, Aviation, etc. In 500 channels from ten banks. The scanner also has a 24/7 AM / FM radio with naps and NOAA weather broadcasts. It receives conventional channels on the following frequencies: AM broadcast (530-1700 KHz) (25-54 MHz) FM broadcast (88-108 MHz) (108-174 MHz) (225-380 MHz) (406-512 MHz)). In scanner mode, press to start or continue a specific search. In service selection mode, tap to select Police service. In FM mode, tap to select fm1 in bank. NOTE - If the scanner is receiving interference or electrical noise, move the scanner or antenna away from the signal source. It is recommended that you change the antenna height or angle. Do not place the scanner in direct sunlight or near heating elements or vents

  •     Hear and Stay Informed The Uniden Bearcat SR30C is a very affordable 500 channel portable scanner with many features in a practical and compact design.
  •     Hear over 32,000 frequencies - Instantly listen to presets for popular searches. The frequency is preset in ten service banks, non-digital police / fire brigade / emergency, NOAA weather report, maritime, racing, civil aircraft, amateur radio, railways, CB radio and frequency bands (FRS / GMRS / MURS). This makes it easy to find the channels that interest you.
  •     Computer programming allows you to program the scanner with your own computer. Radio-frequency acquisition technology can instantly adjust the input signal from nearby transmitters, and the scan priority feature can scan the channels you have identified as priority channels. With memory backup, memory frequency can be saved for a longer time to prevent scanner from being turned off
  •     The delay function prevents missed answers in two-way conversations. Other functions include keyboard input, headphone jack, key lock, low battery warning, and power saving function. Triple switch design ensures excellent performance.
  •     Three Power Options: # 1- The supplied USB cable provides power for the SR30C from your computer or other USB power sources (such as USB chargers for smartphones) (not included). # 2 - Two AA alkaline batteries (not included). # 3- Two AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (not included). You can also use the USB cable to charge the rechargeable Ni-MH battery.
  •     Beginner Handheld Scanner This scanner is not used for receiving digital communications (eg Project 25, DMR, NXDN). Some police, fire, emergency, and public safety agencies in major cities are turning to digital communication systems. For digital scanners, check out other flagship Uniden models like B. BCD436HP.
Uniden SR30C Bearcat Compact Handheld Scanner
Uniden SR30C Bearcat Compact Handheld Scanner

  •     Include 500 channels in 10 banks to scan local public safety frequencies and other frequencies of interest.
  •     It is convenient to browse the police stations, fire / rescue, aircrafts, amateur radio and popular marine missions.
  •     Listen to local radio stations with the built-in FM radio with 30 FM presets.
  •     With the built-in alarm clock, you can activate your favorite FM transmitter, weather channel or scan. It also includes naps and sleep.
  •     Use the alarms to clear the weather, listen to local weather conditions, and notify you when dangerous situations arise.
  •     The large backlit LCD is easy to read at night.
  •     These buttons are carefully designed and easy to use so you don't have to worry in the dark.

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