GOODBONG Car Rear View Backup Camera
GOODBONG Car Rear View Backup Camera

GOODBONG-9 LED Rear View Camera for License Plate Rear View Camera, Waterproof Rear View Camera, Car / SUV / RV / Pickup / Van Backup Camera with 120 ° Viewing Angle

Suitable for most general purpose vehicles:

You can install it on most types of 12v vehicles with different lengths, such as: B. On trucks / tractors / motor homes / trucks / motor homes / off-road vehicles / trucks / vans / cars / tractors / trucks / passenger cars / buses / Buses. It does not depend on the year, make or model of the vehicle. Extremely easy to install, no drilling required: just mount it to your license plate and you are good to go. A rear license plate frame rear camera reduces driving uncertainty and places your eyes behind your head so you can drive safely.

45 degree adjustable viewing angle:

The rear camera of the car has 9 LED lights. After installation, please check whether the viewing angle is wide. If not, please adjust the reversing lens to get the best viewing angle. It has an adjustable angle of 45 degrees. Thanks to the 45 degree angle adjustment, you can position the car rearview camera in the ideal position. The 9-LED car rear camera can capture a wide 120 ° field of view and eliminate blind spots once and for all.

High waterproof rear view camera

A true waterproof reversing camera that can be used for license plates. Regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, fog or high temperatures, we can use boldly and courageously to present crisp images even in cloudy weather.

Super night vision with 9 LED lights

In poor visibility, the built-in 9-segment LED light turns on automatically so that you can return safely at night and in dark areas.

Drive away with confidence and safety

License plate frame reflective camera takes the guesswork out of driving and puts your eyes behind your head.

GOODBONG Car Rear View Backup Camera
GOODBONG Car Rear View Backup Camera

  • [The IP65 waterproof and anti-fog auto rear view camera adopts high purity waterproof resin resin ring. With international standard IP 65 waterproof function, you can still work even in rain / snow / fog. If you see the road conditions clearly, the aftermarket license plate camera can work even in harsh weather conditions, provides clear images without delay and the operating temperature is -4 to 140 (-20 to 60).
  • [Ease of installation and comprehensive compatibility The reversing camera can be easily and conveniently installed at the existing license plate installation site without changing the original chassis and appearance of the vehicle. Car, van, truck, SUV, minivan, tractor, trailer, car rear view camera; Rear view camera / rear view camera / parking camera
  • LED Night Vision Lights] 9 super bright white LED lights can eliminate darkness and provide clear vision all day long. Best of all, an upgraded high-sensitivity light sensor automatically turns on light in dimly lit areas and automatically turns it off in well-lit areas.
  • 【The best reverse view angle imaging system with adjustable viewfinder will give you the best viewing angle. The 120 ° wide viewing angle eliminates most of the blind spots and provides comfort while driving / walking backwards safely. The wider the field of vision, the smaller the blind spot.
  • [Guarantee of your satisfaction and hope every customer gets the order and the enjoyable experience they need. If you need any help please contact us, we can always help. Enjoy shopping with this rear camera.

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