Zozosuit 2 .. 3D body fitting suit
Zozosuit 2 .. 3D body fitting suit

Japanese (Zozo) fashion dealer said that this 3D suit can take high-resolution 3D photos of the body (Zozosuit 2), and fix the shortcomings of its previous version.

The first suits were digitized using smartphones so that users could download measurement data and order personalized clothes, which attracted a lot of attention in the fashion industry, which did not announce sales due to insufficient sales.

COO Masahiro Ito said in an interview: Engineers at (Zozo) have revised the algorithm to increase the number of criteria in Zozosuit 2 from 400 previous standards to 20,000.

“In the past few years we removed all the problems people faced so the whole process became more stable,” he told Reuters. We've made rapid progress in the past but we have to be careful.

The goal of online fashion retailers is to have an accurate, easy-to-use body measurement technology that attempts to reduce returns.

Zozo, controlled by SoftBank, is looking for partners in the fields of fitness, health and more.

The company hopes to bring the lawsuit to market within a year. According to Ito, the new design can be produced inexpensively through an easily scalable printing process.

By providing measurement technology to third parties, Zozo hopes to take advantage of the revolutionary new services. By combining the measurement intelligence of various industries, technology and the unique expertise of partner brands.

Best known for its online fashion retail site in Zozotown, the company also offers Zozomat foot gauge technology, which is designed to cut footwear revenue by about a third.

With Zozomat technology, customers can 3D scan their feet using their smartphones and get recommendations for shoe sizes from various brands and styles.

Founder Yusaku Maezawa left the company last year and attracted more than 10 million Twitter followers with free gifts. He plans to fly around the moon with SpaceX missiles.

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