GOOVIS HD M-OLED Young Head-Mounted Display
GOOVIS HD M-OLED Young Head-Mounted Display

GOOVIS Youth Screen with M-OLED HD Screen, Head Up Screen for Eye Protection Xbox One PS4 Drone Nintendo Smartphone Decoder

GOOVIS personal mobile cinema for young people

GOOVIS Young is your personal mobile cinema. This is our most comfortable HMD to date, with great color and a dual 1920 x 1080 M-OLED viewable from 66 inches with a stunning default 800-inch screen.

  • Excellent Visual Effects: With two screens with a resolution of 1920 * 1080M-OLED, this head-mounted display provides excellent color and picture brightness. The extraordinary visual effects can give you a realistic movie experience and make you feel as if you are sitting in the middle of the 800 inch movie screen.
  • [GOOVIS Young Endless Mobile Entertainment product is a high-definition personal projector that can meet various needs such as gaming, movie playing, electronic viewfinder, social distance and browsing. Suitable for laptops, tablets, drones, Xbox One, consoles and receivers.
  • (LIGHT WEIGHT: The main body weighs only 200g (7.05oz), it is light and does not put any stress on the head when carrying it. The adjustable headband brings the VR headset closer to the face and its design can adapt to different head shapes.
  • [No eye strain: Diopters adjustable to meet different prescription needs. In addition, the dual M-OLED screen can effectively reduce exposure to short wave blue light and ensure that the eyes do not feel tired or strained after prolonged use.
  • [Plug and play: USB-C interface headphone, suitable for most devices, no application required. Use our video adapter to connect to HDMI.

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