Samsung Gear VR w/Controller
Samsung Gear VR w/Controller

explore. match. Planes. You find. Use Oculus' Samsung Gear VR to do what you only dream of finding yourself in an unprecedented situation. No cables, no complicated settings. Simply connect your smartphone to Gear VR to enjoy a 360-degree experience. Watch your favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix. Take the game to the next level. Visit exotic sites and more. New adventures await with a vast library of premium content.

Imagine bigger

Use Gear VR to explore the virtual world and travel the world. By wearing your phone in a headphone and keeping it on the console, you can explore the world of virtual reality and immerse yourself in immersive games.

More social.

Immerse yourself in history with 360-degree videos and spend time with friends in a virtual space.

Move force.

Use the included Gear VR controller to navigate the 360 ​​° experience and win battles in the virtual world.

Powered by Oculus.

Explore a growing catalog of virtual reality games, TV shows, movies, and documentaries on Gear VR. Everything in the Oculus store.

It changes the rules of the game.

Step into the virtual reality wagon, aim your spaceship in space or fight in multiplayer mode. There are over 600 games to discover.

Endless entertainment.

You can access thousands of exclusive 360 ​​° experiences and upload and share your 360 ° videos on Samsung VR.

Almost all Galaxy devices can be used.

Put your Galaxy device in the Gear VR and instantly take it anywhere you want. Most Galaxy phones are compatible.

Samsung Gear VR w/Controller
Samsung Gear VR w/Controller

  • Go anywhere, do anything and be a person who enjoys virtual reality
  • 360 degree immersion and a wide 101 degree field of view
  • New social function to interact with friends in virtual reality - watch movies / TV together, play games or chat in virtual world
  • Seamless integration with Samsung Gear 360 to create your own VR content
  • Compatibility: Galaxy S8 +, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge +

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