GRC Car 10 Inch 1080P HD Mirror Dash Camera
GRC Car 10 Inch 1080P HD Mirror Dash Camera

GRC Rear View Camera, 10 inch HD 1080P Mirror Drive Recorder, Dual-lens Backlight Ring, Front and Back Recording, G-sensor, 1080P Waterproof Reflective Auxiliary Camera, Parking Monitor, Night Vision

The Grc Mirror Camera has a 10 inch HD IPS screen and is equipped with a front camera with 1080p resolution and a rear waterproof IPX7 1080P camera that the touch operation makes it easy to use.

The transparent ring ensures your safety while driving.

New update in 2019. 10 inch super clear LCD screen, 1080p dual front and rear camera, IPX7 waterproof back camera design, touch controls, loop recording, 170 degree wide angle, G-sensor, parking helpline, screen mode Automatic night vision parking. More than ten functions can guarantee the safety while driving.

1080P Full HD

The front and rear cameras can record 1080p HD video at the same time. The rear view camera is IPX7 waterproof. Don't worry about wind and rain.


Activate the G-Sensor after emergency or collision stop and record and lock current important video evidence. (The blocked video is not overwritten with repeated recording.)

Parking assistant

The valet parking helpline can help you park your car safely, for example, by having a professional housekeeper guide you.

Night vision

In low-light environments, brightness compensation is used to obtain clear recordings in low-light environments.

Parking monitor

Protect your vehicle throughout the day. If someone scratches or damages your car, you will have enough video evidence to identify and charge the person.

Viewing angle of 170 degrees

The angle of view is 170 degrees, which means that many lanes can be covered without any problems. Record the entire driving process. Take care of your driving safety.

GRC Car 10 Inch 1080P HD Mirror Dash Camera
GRC Car 10 Inch 1080P HD Mirror Dash Camera

  • Equipped with a 10 '' HD display, touch controls are smarter and smoother. At the same time, the 170 ° wide-angle camera at the front and 140 ° in the back can show a wide field of view and help to avoid blind spots thus avoiding accidents.
  • A plot recording will replace the oldest, unnecessary video to ensure that no recording is lost. ② Gravity sensor: If your car suddenly brake or collides violently, important video evidence is recorded and automatically closed instead of blocking.
  • Night vision mode provides clear images in low-light conditions to ensure safety when driving at night. ② When driving backwards, the image from the rear view camera will be displayed in full screen mode automatically. An extra reverse line will help you come back easily.
  • Protect your car 24 hours a day. When the device detects abnormal vibrations in the car, it automatically records and saves videos to provide you with evidence and help you find the culprit quickly. (This feature requires other solid lines)
  • The device is easy to install, and there is no need to remove the primary mirror. It can work directly on the car's rearview mirror. The back camera is IPX7 waterproof and you don't need to worry about rain, fog or other bad weather.

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