Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror
Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror

Master Tailgaters OEM CMR-43-A2 Tailgate Rearview Mirror, 4.3 Inch Super Bright LCD Auto Adjustment Function with Universal Dynamic Parking Line

Master Tailgaters Ultra-bright 4.3 '' LCD Rearview Mirror with Compass and Automatic Brightness Temperature Adjustment

The best and most feature-packed rearview mirror on the market! At Tailgaters Master, we focus on providing high quality accessories for your vehicle.

The mirror completely replaces the existing mirror. The OEM model gives you a stylish and original look that matches perfectly with your car's interior. You can see two different camera sources at the video input. * For safety reasons, rearview cameras are always the priority.

Our rearview mirror has 4mm thickness, anti-deformation clear glass mirror.

remote control:

This rear view mirror is equipped with a remote control for easy control.

Is it suitable

The device comes with a holder and can be used with many popular vehicles: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, General Motors, etc.

Dynamic parking grid lines:

Like luxury cars, this mirror parking line automatically leads you to the parking lot. Customize the save line according to your body type and make life safer when saving.

When reversing, the reversing camera is automatically displayed on the screen.

Super Bright LCD Screen:

The main function of this mirror is the LCD screen. Master Tailgaters strives to provide the best possible LCD screen. Our panels provide the best accuracy, contrast and reliability on the market.

The LCD screen on this device is twice as bright as our other models. It has an LCD sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD according to the ambient lighting. The screen gets brighter on bright days and darker at night.

Each LCD screen delivers clear and easily visible images. Not all LCDs are created equal, we know that's the reason Tailgaters never compromise.

Auto brightness setting:

All of our LCD monitors have an autofocus function. The LCD screen adjusts its brightness to the ambient light.

At night and in other poor lighting conditions, the LCD brightness is dimmed to avoid dazzling the driver.

Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror
Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror

  • [Dynamic stop lines]: When reversing, these lines curve toward the vehicle.
  • [Screen]: 4.3 inch high-brightness (dual brightness) TFT LCD - automatic brightness adjustment
  • The LCD screen turns on automatically when reversing - * without reversing the camera
  • [Input]: 2 tight video inputs
  • Use the RCA input to connect to most aftermarket cameras (aftermarket cameras sold separately).

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