GSSUSA Car 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Camera
GSSUSA Car 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Camera

9.66 inch rearview mirror driving recorder GSUSSA car driver recorder 1080P + 1080P rear view touch screen with two front and rear lenses, waterproof rear view camera, including 32G TF night vision card

Dual Mirror Dash Camera can be used with G-sensor, HDR, Ring Recording, Motion Detection and Parking Monitor. It is equipped with a 32G TF card and ACC cable. You can choose between two types of cables. Also, connect the rear view camera to the 12v reverse light with the red line for normal performance. In addition, this parking guide will help you to park your car more safely.

1080P recording resolution

Front or back camera with 1080p HD recording resolution can capture every detail, day or night.

9.66 inch IPS touch screen

9.66 inch IPS screen provides a wide viewing angle, making the real-time video display more clear in the horizontal orientation. Very suitable for parking aid, easy to touch.

Better detail quality

Seven-layer glass lenses provide you with the clearest image. Give an additional free 32G TF Gift Card and save money to buy another.

Media broadcast on the Internet

Media Stream aims to provide the best view of the dashboard camera including the front and the rear of the vehicle. Provides up to seven times more rear view space. Unlike rear view mirror, it can give you a complete look.

Super night vision

1080P front and rear cameras with advanced analog HD (ahd technology) can automatically balance light and dark areas in the video, giving you a better night vision experience.

Reverse help system

The camera turns into a full-screen reflection image in full screen resolution, including a line support function when reversing, which can be easily stopped with a guide.

G sensor protection

When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the system shuts off the current record to ensure that important records are protected.

Parking monitor

If the system detects a collision during standby time, the dashboard camera will automatically turn on and record a short video clip of the fence.

Adjustable viewing angle

The rear camera has an automatically adjustable screen and you can manually adjust the viewing area up and down for the best visual effect.

GSSUSA Car 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Camera
GSSUSA Car 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Camera

  • 【10 inch 1080p full touch screen.
  • 【The wide-angle lens with an ultra-wide field of view of 170 degrees eliminates blind spots, reduces fear during front and back photography and makes driving easier for you.
  • Excellent Night Vision and Safe Parking The 1080P HD Rear View Camera provides excellent night vision in low light. It is flexible and convenient to adjust the viewing angle by moving your finger on the touch screen while driving or reversing.
  • Ring recording and G-sensor When the storage space is full, the repeat recording will replace the oldest video automatically. Once activated, the G-sensor will automatically lock and save the video in case of sudden vibration and collision. The mirror camera provides video recordings of the accident through video recording.
  • Powerful Function] The dual mirror dashboard camera can be used with G-sensor, HDR, loop recording, motion detection, parking monitoring. It is equipped with 32G TF card, ACC cable, there are two kinds of cable, please also connect the red wire of rear view camera with 12v reflector light. In addition, this parking guide will help you to park your car more safely.

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