Master Tailgaters Frameless Rear View Mirror
Master Tailgaters Frameless Rear View Mirror

Master Tailgaters Frameless Transom Mirror CMR-72-P1 with 7 '' LCD Screen and 4 Video Inputs - Multiple Camera Settings + 2 Free Side Cameras

Master Tailgaters is located in Los Angeles, California to bring you the best parts. All of our mirrors are manufactured to OEM specifications. This includes fit, workmanship, and feel. Do not sacrifice and do not cut corners. Each product is carefully designed and tested in the USA.

4 video inputs can be used for multiple camera settings

With its unique frame and basic design, the mirror can work as a big LCD if needed. It has an LCD sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD according to the ambient lighting. Customize camera view with seven view modes.
Very suitable for recreational vehicles, trucks or other large vehicles

A clear understanding of the environment is essential for security at all times. For this reason, we'll look at RVs, trucks, and other large vehicles when designing this rearview mirror. Four video inputs allow multiple cameras to set up, a large 7.2 inch super-bright LCD screen for watching video, and the two included cameras make this rearview mirror a must-have.

Unique frameless design

This mirrorless frame is very stylish and matches the interior of any vehicle. The borderless design provides the largest screen area. When the screen is off, the rearview mirror behaves like a normal rearview mirror.

You can connect this mirror with reversing lamp, right turn signal, left turn signal, or camera mounted via trigger line.

The built-in chrome camera can be fully integrated into your vehicle and secured with 3M strong adhesive tape.

Both cameras can be installed on the side of the vehicle. When the turn signals are called, they illuminate when the turn signals are activated.

Master Tailgaters Frameless Rear View Mirror
Master Tailgaters Frameless Rear View Mirror

  • [SCREEN]: A super bright 7 inch TFT LCD with automatic brightness adjustment function
  • [Video input]: The mirror supports up to 4 video inputs and has 7 display modes
  • [Mirror]: 4mm thick glass
  • [Side Camera]: It includes two side cameras that can be attached to the vehicle and operated via pointers
  • * Fixation (side camera): To mirror the side camera image, disconnect the camera, operate the small black box switch and reconnect the device. This will tilt left and right

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