PORMIDO Triple Mirror Dash Cam Car Camera
PORMIDO Triple Mirror Dash Cam Car Camera

PORMIDO 12 Inch Triple Rear View Camera with Independent Front Camera and Car Camera, 1920P Waterproof Rear View Camera, IPS Anti-Glare Rear View Camera, Sony Starvis Night Vision Sensor, GPS, Parking Assist

As a professional automotive camera company, PORMIDO understands customers' requirements and is committed to reducing their concerns about the use of dashboard mirror cameras. So we prepared the first industrial D50 with triple cameras. It can monitor or record inside and outside the car at the same time. At the same time, we will insist on continuous and stable quality and keep providing prompt support to customers.

12 inch bigger screen, wider field of view

The large 12 '' rectangular screen eliminates most of your blind spots, giving you a wider field of view and more safety at the same time.

GPS tracking can assist the camera in obtaining more information

When the GPS antenna is attached, your driving speed, route and vehicle location will be recorded as additional evidence.

Greater viewing angle, safer driving / observation

Simultaneous display of records from front 170 degrees, rear 150 degrees and inside 140 degrees for maximum protection while driving or parking

The rear view camera is waterproof

The reversing camera can be installed inside or outside the vehicle thanks to the integrated bracket. It is water resistant and can usually be used in extreme temperatures (4 degrees Fahrenheit - 190 degrees Fahrenheit) or in different climates.

Repeat the exposure with the G-sensor.

Repeated recording allows you to replace old photos with new ones then free up space so that the SD card is not used up. The G-Sensor can automatically detect collisions and lock emergency videos without overwriting emergency videos.

Parking monitor with car battery protection

After connecting the hardwire assembly (not included), the camera will automatically turn on when it detects an ongoing collision, then lock the 30second video for more evidence. The compatible wire harness (B08GQXF32D) can turn off the power when the battery is low, preventing the car battery from running out of power.

PORMIDO Triple Mirror Dash Cam Car Camera
PORMIDO Triple Mirror Dash Cam Car Camera

  • [PORMIDO's first high definition 3-channel 12-inch rearview mirror can simultaneously record rear, front and interior views, giving you safety inside and out. In the car, you can switch to whatever screen you want to see. The indoor camera allows you to monitor children, passengers, pets and even thieves to keep their luggage safe.
  • [Glare Protection and Avoid Over Exposure] Unlike most mirrorless cameras, the PORMIDO Dash Cam Mirror is unique and completely glare free, so you get the best picture even in direct sunlight. HDR SONY IMX335 sensor is used for all lenses. Do not overexpose the photo or video by other lights. In the safe driving condition, you can see each sign clearly in the night vision.
  • [Flexible Independent Camera with Right / Picture / Right Angle Mirror The smart front camera and separate indoor camera provide more flexibility for mounting on the windshield and other devices do not block the front view or view internally.
  • Adjustable Reverse Wire & Longer Extension Cord] You can adapt the return wire to all models. The rear view camera cable is 33 feet long enough for most cars and can also be used on large trucks, trailers, RVs, RVs and trucks. Order an additional 49ft cable (not supplied) for the camera. Delivery truck, delivery truck ... etc. If the connected cables are still not long enough please contact us.
  • [GPS tracking and multi-function functions with additional GPS antennas can add vehicle speed, movement and position to recorded tracks for more information. You can use all necessary functions of PORMIDO reversing camera such as parking monitor, recording repeat, G-sensor, split screen, etc. Supports memory cards up to 128 GB (including memory cards 32 GB).

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