Texas Ranger Elite TRE-936FFB Professional CB Radio
Texas Ranger Elite TRE-936FFB Professional CB Radio

Texas Rangers Elite TRE-936FFB Professional 40-channel AM-CB radio with frequency counter

Ranger Communications has been manufacturing the best amateur radios and CB equipment for over 40 years. The Texas Ranger Elite TRE-936FFB is the latest example of legendary Ranger performance. Tired of cheap, high quality CB radios? Then buy professional equipment - TRE-936FFB can be used and keep going. 40-channel CB-AM and PA transmitter and receiver (general address) Cold blue LED channel mode and counter frequency display on S / RF / SWR interface Built-in SWR bridge, noise frequency and automatic noise selection variable control on control panel, rear 4 pin front microphone set Jack Control Module SRA-198NCA Stunning Noise Canceling Microphone in Black Chrome with 2 Physical Face and Microphone Channel Modes including 7-7 / 8 "x 2-3 / 8" x 9-1 / 4 "(L x H x D) Roger Beebe (Transmitter End Signal) 19 Channel Button

  •     40 AM Citizen Band Professional Transceiver Channel
  •     Black chrome with blue LED channel and frequency display
  •     S / RF / SWR scale with integrated SWR bridge circuit
  •     Noise Cancellation and Automatic Noise Limiter
  •     Includes SRA-198NC noise canceling microphone

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