TFTDOUP Powered Solar Emergency Radios
TFTDOUP Powered Solar Emergency Radios

TFTDOUP FM / AM / NOAA Weather Radio Hand Crank Solar Emergency Radio with 3 LED Flashlights 1000mAh Portable Smartphone Charger

  •     ✅ [NOAA Weather Broadcast. Support section.
  •     ✅ [Three Charging Methods] The emergency manual solar radio can be charged via solar panels, and the hand crank can be charged manually via the power supply with its power supply and via micro USB. It can also be used as a portable power source to charge portable devices such as cell phones.
  •     KE [Keep Safe] This manual crank radio can meet emergency weather forecast requirements and keep it safe during hurricanes, hurricanes, rainstorms, fires or emergencies. Just like a power outage or other bad condition.
  •     ✅ [3 LED flashlight] The hand crank radio is small and can be placed in a backpack or taken out of the hand. The built-in 1000mAh battery contains 3 bright LEDs that are brighter than an LED flashlight and can provide a beam wide enough to illuminate your path in complete darkness.
  •     ✅ [Widely used] We have solar powered radios for many purposes every household need, emergency kits, sunbathing, hiking, fishing, camping trips, etc., the solar radio will be very useful.

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