TOGUARD CE80 4K Mirror Car Dash Cam Backup Camera
TOGUARD CE80 4K Mirror Car Dash Cam Backup Camera

TOGUARD 4K Rearview Mirror Reverse Camera Tachograph, used for vehicle audio control, GPS tracking, 12 inch touch screen, front and rear view, tachograph, waterproof rearview mirror, with parking assistant

Why should you choose TOKUARD CE80 4K Mirror Recorder?

4K Ultra HD recording and Super Night Vision can deliver ultra-clear video day and night to provide vivid detail for an unexpected event.

This car camera's intelligent voice control system is the best feature of other dash cameras. Hands-free set, easy and fast operation.

GPS tracker not only record the location but also display the speed of the dash camera. You can play videos on the site through GXplayer.

The reversing assist system and the parking screen for the reversing camera display safe parking instructions on the screen when reversing. Parking Monitor monitors your car after parking.

For your safety, video is recorded and blocked automatically, regardless of whether a sudden collision is detected while driving or if the vehicle collides with the G-sensor while parked.

12 inch wide angle screen

The 12 inch IPS touch screen is easy to use and provides a wider horizontal field of view than the 10 inch screen, so you can monitor more real-time traffic information on the road while you are driving

4K camera and adjustable viewing angle

This Sony certified front camera can record original 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 @ 30fps) photos with crisp detail. License plates that cannot be read at 1080p or other resolution that are too clear in 4K video.

Great night vision

Sony IMX415 4K sensor in front camera can effectively improve night vision effect in low light or rainy days, and allow you to get clear videos at night.

Ringtone recording and emergency lock

Repeat recording replaces the oldest unlocked lens to ensure there is enough space for continuous recording. Once activated, the G-Sensor will automatically block the current video in the event of a collision to provide evidence for insurance and legal purposes.

Reverse security camera

When reversing the vehicle, a full screen reverse image and parking instructions are automatically displayed in the rear view. Make parking easy and safe.

24-hour parking monitor

If the G-Sensor in the system detects vehicle vibrations while parking, the dashboard camera will automatically turn on and record a short closed video clip to protect your vehicle. Long hours of parking require difficult multiple queues.

TOGUARD CE80 4K Mirror Car Dash Cam Backup Camera
TOGUARD CE80 4K Mirror Car Dash Cam Backup Camera

  • [4K Ultra HD Experience] TOGUARD CE80 Mirror Tracking Camera has 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps, enabling vehicle license plates and road signs to be clearly seen from a distance. The 12 '' rectangular dual lens with a wide angle of 330 ° provides you with a larger and wider viewing experience than traditional rearview mirrors, reduces blind spots and moves safer.
  • [The night vision effect is better than other car cameras. Equipped with SONY STARVIS sensor and TOGUARD CE80 car camera with F1.8 large aperture, it can take more clear and detailed pictures at night with less consumption. Be sure to collect evidence.
  • Built-in Voice Commands] You can use this smart camera without touching the screen to lock the video, toggle the front / back camera screen, turn the screen on and off, etc. for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.
  • TOGUARD CE80 GPS Track Recorder with additional GPS unit for real time driving speed and lane tracking. When you play the video recorded with Gxplayer on PC, you can know exactly when and where the event took place. It gives you adequate security.
  • [Safe Parking Aid System] When reversing, the TOGUARD CE80 mirror parking assist system is activated to ensure a safe and comfortable corner. (To be able to use this function, you must connect the red cable of the reversing camera to the positive pole of the reverse light.)

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