WeBoost 4G-M Factory Refurbished Cell Phone Signal Booster
WeBoost 4G-M Factory Refurbished Cell Phone Signal Booster

WeBoost 4G-M (470121R) Factory Refurbished Kit for Cell Phones Signal Optimization with OTR Truck Release Package Antenna | All networks and operators in the US have 1 year original warranty

Drive from sunrise to sunset and take a long drive across the USA - make sure cellular connectivity isn't an issue with weBoost's Drive 4G-M OTR Cellular Booster. WeBoost Drive 4G-X OTR aims to improve signal coverage for all trucks, from semi-trailers to delivery trucks. Off-road driving enthusiasts also rely on the Drive 4G-X OTR to maintain cellular communications in remote areas. Equipped with a robust 17-inch trucker version antenna for all weather conditions throughout the journey. The booster also includes a 3-way CB antenna mount, mast extension and side outlet adapter.

These kits are professionally checked and fixed by weBoost. They look like new and have a one-year manufacturer warranty on all original components. Plan carefully, just as well!

  •     Factory repair: Certified comprehensive repair kit that has been tested for normal function. Offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty and weBoost 30-day money-back guarantee.
  •     Powerful Truck Booster - WeBoost Drive 4G-M OTR improves signal strength, reduces intermittent calls, better audio quality, faster data speed, more hotspot capacity, better audio and video streaming on the road
  •     All Truck Coverage - Designed to increase signal coverage for all trucks by adding 17-inch all-weather antennas, 3-way CB antenna mounts, mast extensions and side exit converters.
  •     Carrier Compatibility - With multi-user capabilities, every passenger can enjoy stronger cellular signals from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and the US. Cellular and all wireless networks. 5G Support - This booster will play a role for the next decade or more in keeping your home secure in the long run.
  •     4G-M FCC-approved weBoost Drive complies with all FCC guidelines and does not interrupt or damage the operator's signal to and from the base station.

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