weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

WeBoost Family Multi-Room Booster Booster Kit Mobile Phones (470144) | Up to 5,000 sq ft All American Airlines - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc | FCC certified

The WeBoost family multi-room signal amplifier can increase network speed for all operators in up to three rooms. Users benefit from faster data speeds, better audio quality, fewer calls, and better streaming capabilities. Home MultiRoom can work with all carriers in the US including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. Regardless of the carrier, the goal is to increase coverage for multiple cellular devices and users at the same time. Let everyone make clear calls and enjoy uninterrupted data. The outdoor antenna has an adjustable clamp that can be attached to a ceiling ventilation duct or a standard antenna mast. You can also attach the antenna to the side of the house using the provided bracket. For added versatility and convenience, the indoor antennas can be mounted on a rack or on a wall. WeBoost Home Multiroom amplifies mobile radio signals from available frequency bands 4, 5, 12/17, 13 and 2.

weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

  •     2-3 Targeted Coverage Room - Home MultiRoom provides an improved cell reception function and saves space up to 5000 square meters or up to 3 rooms. Let everyone enjoy less choppy calls and better sound in their coverage area. Faster data quality and speed
  •     Operator Compatibility - A multi-room home can work with any operator in the United States. These devices include Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Straight Talk and Cellular in the US and all phones and devices connected to cell phones.
  •     Toolless Installation - If you connect the Home MultiRoom Booster to an external antenna using a flat window cable, no holes are required. The indoor antenna can be rack mounted or wall-mounted using the supplied 3M control tape. Thanks to a specially developed bracket, the outdoor antenna can be quickly directed at a nearby cell phone tower, increasing the signal strength
  •     The FCC-Home MultiRoom certified device has a maximum gain of 65 dB, which complies with all FCC guidelines and does not interrupt or damage any carrier signal entering or leaving the base station. With 21dB output power for uplink and 12dB output power for downlink, this home booster can easily reach cell phone towers over long distances
  •     With the support of 5G weBoost products, your home will be covered for the next 10 years and beyond
  •     Satisfaction Guarantee - This multi-functional home room is provided by the manufacturer with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee by weBoost
  •     Proud America - The only optimizer designed, assembled, and tested in the USA: Our products are not made in China

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