WOLFBOX IDR Waterproof Mirror Dash Cam
WOLFBOX IDR Waterproof Mirror Dash Cam

WOLFBOX IDR Rear View Camera with Independent Front Camera, 10 Inch Night Vision Mirror, Dual 1920P Front and Rear Cameras, Waterproof Rear View Camera with Rear Assist

Wide angle shot before and after

With dual wide angle lens 170 ° front and 150 ° rear lens, there are virtually no blind spots. You can adjust the field of view and observe a wide area to avoid direct collisions. So, you can fully protect your car while driving or parking.

Super night vision

With IDR technology, the image of the vehicles entering the dark can be completely recovered while the objects are clearly visible in the dark. Even if the vehicle is rear-lit with a high beam, there is no widespread glare and disorganized overexposure during night trips.

24-hour parking monitor

The car camera supports 24-hour parking monitor, for which a special cable set (ASIN: B08MF8W6PY) must be installed. After installing the parking monitor kit, the camera records one picture per second, which greatly saves power and capacity. You don't need to worry about your car battery running out.

G-sensor and loop recording

The built-in G-sensor always detects body vibrations. When shaking is detected, the video recorded in the session will be automatically locked and saved as an important file. If you don't unlock it manually, you won't be able to delete or overwrite the locked files (note that formatting will also delete the locked files).

WOLFBOX IDR Waterproof Mirror Dash Cam
WOLFBOX IDR Waterproof Mirror Dash Cam

  • The S50 autonomous front camera is an improved product for the traditional driving recorder. It separates the front camera from the main body, so it fits better for the original rear view mirror and does not block the line of sight or left and right like other rear view cameras. symmetry. The AHD split front camera can be conveniently attached to the windshield to get a better angle and make the distance and images more realistic. It also supports independent ISP image processing chips and has unified front and background image effects.
  • 【Latest IDR Technology Intelligent Dynamic Range (IDR) is a new image quality control technology, which relies on evaluating smart scene according to WDR and HDR. Using IDR technology, the S50 can effectively adjust the exposure time for the photosensitive chip while ensuring that objects are clearly visible in the dark. It is the only camera on the market that can photograph license plates under bright night lights. Even in direct sunlight, it can eliminate glare and provide clear images.
  • [Pay attention to your driving safety. During the day, the WOLFBOX S50 car camera can display clear images regardless of whether you are driving in direct sunlight or in strong light. At night, it can effectively guarantee a clear display of dark road conditions while reducing the visual disturbance caused by dazzling high brightness. It can prevent traffic accidents and ensure driving safety. The S50 can clearly display the license plate even in complex lighting, thus providing the clearest evidence of an accident liability investigation.
  • Unique All-In-One Wiring Design & Multiple Functions] The WOLFBOX S50 digital car rearview mirror features an integrated multi-wire design that intelligently hides the wires behind the camera, making it more beautiful and comfortable. In addition, it contains all the basic functions of the tachograph: loop recording, gravity detection, emergency recording, reversing camera and reversing assistance system, 24-hour parking screen, time-lapse recording, background media streaming, split-screen display, etc. .
  • Simple operation and worry-free customer service The WOLFBOX S50 1920P HD Drive Recorder records front and back recordings at the same time and provides a wide-angle view of 170 ° in the front and 150 ° in the back. Equipped with a 9.66 inch illuminated anti-glare touch screen, you can easily operate and adjust the viewing angle by touching the screen with your finger.

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