XTU Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
XTU Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

XTU 2.5K Auto Mirror Driving Recorder with 12 inch IPS touch screen, front and rear mirror cameras, waterproof mirrors, Sony Starvis sensor, improved night vision, parking assistant and GPS

2.5K dual dash camera

Sony Starvis IMX335 certified front camera can capture 2.5K Ultra HD (2.5K * 1080P @ 30fps) photos with better detail than ever before, and the dual front camera is equipped with a waterproof back camera that doesn't worry the sky is raining

Wide viewing

The front and rear lenses are adjustable to 170 ° and 160 °, respectively, including a total field of view of 330 °. Covering three lanes, it has virtually no blind spots and can clean almost everything that happens in the car while driving or parking.

Reverse help system

The waterproof rear view camera expands the field of view with a wide angle of 160 °, and when you are exposed to traffic, you can easily see incoming traffic from any direction. When reversing, parking instructions are displayed on the screen to ensure safe and comfortable parking.

Improves night vision

Sony IMX335 sensor can achieve high sensitivity and clearer recording in low-light conditions. Even in landscapes of light and dark areas, you can take photos with minimal light or without losing detail in the dark. It is the perfect choice for your car security and 24/7 monitoring.

G-sensor emergency room

Once the variable-sensitivity G-sensor detects hidden movement or collision, the dashboard camera turns on and begins recording for 20 seconds to allow investigators to determine what happened. Removal. This way you never lose leaders!

XTU Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
XTU Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

  • Dual 2.5K Drive Recorder: The high definition M12 drive recorder provides 2.5K video resolution (2560 x 1440) and takes video quality to a whole new level. The waterproof rear camera supports 1080p, giving more than 720p detail. The high-resolution camera ensures that all small objects, including license plates and texts, can be viewed remotely at any time of the day, be it daytime or in low light.
  • 12-inch IPS Touch Rectangle: Equipped with a 12-inch high-sensitivity IPS touch screen that reduces contrast and reduces eye strain. It has excellent display effect and common image function. Even in sunny weather, you can easily watch the recorded video and clearly see the rear view of the car. With excellent display effect and photo sharing function, you can see the front and back view at the same time.
  • GPS and wide field of view: The integrated GPS system provides accurate driving speed and current road. If you have legal issues, you can also use the lens as a reference. It features a 170 ° front lens and a 160 ° waterproof rear lens hood for a 330 ° field of view to help reduce blind spots and capture more scenes on the road.
  • Loop and G-sensor recording: Support micro SD card and loop recording. This means that the first few files will be recorded, thus avoiding the memory card emptying issue. With SD cards up to 128 GB, you can store a large number of snapshots. The G-Sensor automatically detects the collision and blocks video of the event before and after the crash so investigators can determine exactly what happened.
  • Parking Screen and Time Lapse Capture: The parking screen is used as a surveillance camera system when the vehicle is parked. By configuring the delay angle, the camera will shoot images at 2 frames per second instead of 15 frames per second in the usual motion detection mode. The time-lapse format reduces the number of photos on the memory card so that it doesn't fill up quickly, but it can still capture what happens while standing.

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