Smart Screen: Smart screen with wireless network
Smart Screen: Smart screen with wireless network

On Monday, Samsung launched a new smart screen called Smart Monitor, which shows improved usability and connectivity as part of the home trend caused by the pandemic.

The company claims the Smart Monitor to be the first to combine advanced multimedia services, mobile connectivity and remote computing capabilities.

Samsung said that smart screens can meet the business, learning and remote entertainment needs of consumers through better connectivity than cell phones and computers.

With built-in radio technology and Tizen-based operating system, Samsung's new smart screen works like a smart TV.

The M7 smart display supports 4K resolution and is available for $ 400 at 32 inches, while the M5 smart display has a 32-inch FHD screen at $ 230 and a 32-inch screen at 27 inches at $ 280.

The Smart Monitor was originally only available in the US, Canada and China, but Samsung has said the product will be launched in other countries by the end of this month.

With the built-in wireless network, the monitor can run Microsoft Office 365 applications without a computer, so users can easily view and edit documents in the cloud right from the screen.

The screen also uses Smart Hub to support streaming media content. This is a complete entertainment center similar to Samsung's built-in smart TV platform.

Screen App Store allows users to access Netflix and YouTube even when they are not connected to a computer or mobile device.

Samsung said: You can also control the screen by voice through the Bixby (Bixby) platform.

Today, the lines between monitors and televisions are blurry, but computer screens can still feature the need to connect to a computer.

Samsung's new Smart Monitor M7 and Smart Monitor M5 fulfill this basic function, but add an extra strength to the formula.

The smart screen can be connected to a compatible Samsung Galaxy phone for DeX testing, or Tap View to display the phone screen, and even Apple AirPlay 2 can be connected to iOS and macOS devices.

According to market research firm TrendForce, Samsung monitor shipments are expected to increase by 30% year-on-year, and to rank fourth in the global display market this year.

TrendForce estimates that, backed by the all-weather economy brought on by the pandemic, global supply shipments this year will increase 5.4% year-on-year to nearly 135 million units.

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