Apple is responding to Gatekeeper issues with upcoming fixes
Apple is responding to Gatekeeper issues with upcoming fixes

Apple has updated a documentation page detailing the company's next steps to prevent the Gatekeeper error from happening again last week.

According to Rene Ritchie, the iPhone maker plans to fix the problem next year.

Apple had a tough start day last week and released macOS Big Sur, a major macOS update, but then it plagued with server issues.

Third-party apps can't run because your Mac can't verify the app's developer certificate.

This feature called Gatekeeper makes sure you don't download any malicious apps that masquerade as legitimate apps.

If the certificates don't match, macOS will prevent the app from running.

Many people are concerned about the privacy impact of security features and fear that Apple will record every application you run on your Mac to gain competitive insights into app usage.

It turned out that the server wasn't encrypted because Jacopo Jannone intercepted unencrypted network requests and found Apple isn't secretly monitoring you.

The company wrote: We have never collected data from these reviews with any information about Apple users or their devices, nor do we use data from these reviews to find out which users operate their devices.

Apple has provided detailed information about its next steps and stopped logging IP addresses on its servers last week and no longer needs to store this data for gatekeepers.

Apple wrote: These security checks never include a user's Apple ID or a device ID. To further protect privacy, we have stopped logging the IP address associated with the developer ID certificate to verify the IP and make sure that all the collected IP addresses are removed from the registry. Title.

Apple is in the process of correcting its web order design and adding more user-focused opt-out options.

Over the next year, the company said, we will make several changes to our security controls, including new encryption protocols to verify login credentials for developers, stronger protection against server failures, and new options to enable users to disable these security measures.

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