Snapchat allows developers to see their followers publicly
Snapchat allows developers to see their followers publicly

Snapchat's video messaging service allows creators to see the subscribers of many of these users.

This is the first time that the service has allowed its users to publicly announce the number of subscribers. Thus, this change could be one of the most important changes to the platform, especially since other platforms (such as Twitter and Facebook) provide such numbers.

A spokesperson for Snapchat, the owner of the Snapchat app, said in a statement to The Verge: “We have heard comments from the developer community, and many of them have expressed an interest in expanding their Snapchat community.” The parameter specifies whether this functionality should be activated or deactivated.

Snapchat introduced the Creator Profile feature last September, which enables creators on the platform to better understand audience and brand alignment.

By letting creators see how many their subscribers have, monetization is made from the service by linking creators with brands. For example, brand owners on Instagram usually pay attention to the number of followers and engagement to gauge the influence of developers on the platform.

With Snapchat, brands must first ask developers to share these details before they can close a deal. By making these metrics available to the public, they can streamline conversations and help designers and brands determine the success of their collaborations. As more influencers see an opportunity to take action, Snapchat can make a more suitable platform for developers.

In October, Snapchat reported an increase in user numbers and revenue growth exceeding expectations.

In a statement, the company said: As of September 30, the number of daily active users for the quarter rose 18% year-on-year to 249 million, from 238 million users in the fourth quarter. Great interest.

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