Sony reveals features the PS5 won't support at launch
Sony reveals features the PS5 won't support at launch

Two Sony employees said in an interview with Japanese website AV Watch that the upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming platform will not offer certain features.

Compared to Microsoft (Xbox Series X) and (Xbox Series S) platforms before the (PlayStation 5) platform, the latter does not support 1440p local image output, but can improve 1080p screen resolution. rating.

"The reason for this is that from the start Sony had been hoping to focus on supporting the TV, which indicates that there is no technical reason not to support this feature," an official said. When the users have sufficient demand, the company may decide to support them.

Contrary to the (PlayStation 3) and (PlayStation 4) platform traditions, (PlayStation 5) does not have a web browser. An official suggested that users will need a separate web browser that exceeds the browser capabilities required by the platform, for example b- connect to Wi-Fi networks or to specific game manufacturers account systems.

The compatibility between the platform (PlayStation 5) and virtual reality technology appears to be very poor. You need to order a free camera adapter to support the virtual reality glasses. Then you can play VR (PlayStation 4) games unless you are in platform game compatibility mode.

Sony plans to launch a new gaming platform (PlayStation 5) next Thursday, November 12, 2020. Two days ago, the company provided answers to many frequently asked questions to clarify many details about the new platform. The shape of the game.

As we mentioned in the question, some games (PlayStation 5) are not restricted by geo-connections, which means that players can play some games from other countries without any problem. For example, if there is a game designed specifically for Japan, then American players can play it.

The platform (PlayStation 5) will also support Sony's PlayStation Now cloud gaming service, allowing old PlayStation games to be played in greater numbers than previously thought. .

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