Three rules for buying a cell phone on Black Friday
Three rules for buying a cell phone on Black Friday

Every website and store expects you to make a purchase on White Friday. It can often be difficult to know how much you paid at the time of purchase. One of the hardest things is knowing where to buy this Black Friday.

Three rules for buying a phone on Black Friday:

Only buy again a phone if it's well warranted:

Today, many retailers are considering waiving discounts on new phones. The main reason is that they can renew the phone and then sell it to others and make twice as much money.

There is nothing wrong with buying a refurbished phone on Black Friday, especially if you can save a lot of money and still get good results, but in many stores you lose a large part of the new phone experience in that transaction. If the phone you bought is not covered under warranty and the phone is performing poorly then this could cause problems.

However, this is easy to avoid as long as you verify that the company that is restoring the phone has a warranty. In some cases (for example with Best Buy), the warranty is offered as an additional service and is not included in the warranty. Phone price. The warranty period is usually longer and longer than the original product, but it usually adds a big extra cost to the phone.

If you ever want to buy the phone again on Black Friday do yourself a favor, inquire about the warranty, then open your wallet.

Check the price of the phone a month before buying:

For example: The original cell phone price on Amazon on the Black Friday offer was $ 400 cheaper than the original price, down nearly 50%. This offer is primarily for Prime subscribers. So it is very important. But wait a minute. This phone was actually $ 50 cheaper a month ago.

This happens a lot, but retailers raise their prices slowly especially during Black Friday. They know that if they get a promotion, they can sell very well and then offer (huge discounts). It turns out that the purchase is not a big deal. from. In that respect, there are a few unpredictable products like phones whose prices will drop by hundreds of dollars a few months after their launch. Today there are many calls that are not easy to predict.

However, you can use some tools like: b- CamelCamelCamel, which allows you to set price notifications for specific products on Amazon that display the price history for that product. And if the deal on Amazon looks too good to be missed, this tool allows you to check the price a month in advance to see the true level of the deal.

Beware of extensions for group transactions:

Stores usually offer great deals on Black Friday phones, especially when you're ready to buy a pair of phones to add to your family plan. It's always helpful to know what these promotions are because they usually feature phones that are fairly new and this is the first important shortening of their life cycle.

However, operators sometimes create (bundled offers) for mobile phones. Usually with these offers you get the phone at the full price, but then you get a huge discount on a number of accessories. The price makes you think the discount is great.

Instead of these packages, find deals that allow you to choose the accessories you need at discount prices. This way you know you have what you want and can be more selective about what you buy.

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