Super Mario Bros.3 is the most expensive game title
Super Mario Bros.3 is the most expensive game title

Super Mario Bros 3 (Super Mario Bros 3) in its sealed version from 1990 sold at auction Friday for $ 156,000 and now holds the title for the most expensive game ever.

Starting price was $ 62,500 and 20 bidders participated in the auction.

The classic NES easily beat the former record holder of Super Mario Bros in 1985, which sold for $ 114,000 in July.

According to Heritage Auctions, which sold the game, the record price fell due to two factors: the game's condition and the design of the packaging itself.

Wata 9.2 A + game status is rated. This is the rating of the box quality and the quality of the original seal.

The auction platform said: Although the terms of this game are excellent, it is the design of the packaging itself that makes this release special, as only a few of the sealed copies have the word "Bros" on the left side that covers Mario's unique white glove. One.

For many years, collectors have been searching for a version like this one, the oldest in Super Mario Bros.3 production history, and newer versions have moved it to the right.

In addition to "Super Mario Bros. 3," the GameBoy sealed edition of "Pokémon Red" from 1998 is now the most expensive "Pokémon" game at auction, selling for $ 84,000.

The auction platform did not say if there was anything unique about this particular version, and the sales of this game are very good, Wata ++ 9.8A rating.

After the original owner decided to sell it in February, Heritage Auctions also sold a rare Nintendo Play Station model that never hit the market for $ 360,000.

Heritage Auctions is the premier U.S.-based art and collectibles auction house and the largest collector's auction house in the world.

The platform has offices in New York, Dallas, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

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