Tablet PC sales saw astonishing growth in the third quarter of 2020
Tablet PC sales saw astonishing growth in the third quarter of 2020

The latest report from market research firm Canalys showed that the PC market, including tablets, grew for the second consecutive quarter, with 124.5 million units shipped, an increase of 23% year-over-year.

Lenovo is the leading global supplier of 23.5 million tablets, laptops and desktop computers, followed by Apple's 22.1 million Mac and iPads. Then (HP), Dell and Samsung came in third, fourth, and fifth. Respectively.

Chromebooks were the best performing computers in the third quarter. Deliveries increased 122% to 9.4 million units. Removable media that can be used as tablets and laptops has grown 88% and is the second largest device. For desktop computers, the All-In-One grew 7% while the overall desktop market fell 32%.

According to the (Canalys) report, the global tablet PC market witnessed exceptional growth in the third quarter of 2020. Deliveries reached 44.3 million units, an increase of 43% compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, Chromebook shipments reached an all-time high, an increase of 122% from the previous year. As pandemics continue to positively affect the ownership and use of personal computers for various purposes, the two categories stand out for being affordable computers.

According to Canalys, the top five tablet PC suppliers are year-over-year and quarter-on-year growth. This is a remarkable achievement considering the strong shipments of the existing business in the second quarter.

Apple maintained its leadership position with nearly 15.2 million iPads sold, an increase of 47%. Samsung ranks second with an astonishing growth rate of 80% and ships around 9 million units for the first time since the last quarter of 2015. Huawei has achieved remarkable growth of 38% in China and Europe to ensure it ranks third shipping around 5.1 million units. Amazon and Lenovo took the fourth and fifth places, respectively, with gains of 8% and 59%, respectively. Respectively.

Analysts at Canalys (Victoria Lee) said, "Tablets are dead because they strike the perfect balance between portability and computing power at a critical time and at different prices." The tablet market has been declining for free since 2015, and the last two quarters are the only two quarters of growth in the past five years. ''

Lee said, "Tablets are a natural choice for new computer users who want less complex and affordable products. Android and iOS systems also extend to tablets, of course, making it easier for parents, students, and educators to start distance learning for the first time in their lives." It makes it easy to install the applications provided by these two platforms.

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