The most important malware you should remove right now
The most important malware you should remove right now

Gone are the days when malware and ransomware groups launched spam campaigns hoping to infect random users online.

Today, ransomware operators have grown from several malware gangs to a number of sophisticated cybercrime gangs using the skills, tools, and budget of government-sponsored hacking organizations.

Today, ransomware gangs rely on tiered partnerships with other cybercrime activities. These organizations, known as primary middlemen, act as clandestine crime supply chains, providing ransomware gangs and other organizations access to large numbers of infected systems.

These vulnerable systems are Remote Desktop Protocol endpoints, backend network devices, and computers infected with malware. It allows ransomware gangs to easily access the corporate network, update their access permissions, and encrypt files to demand a huge ransom.

(The Senior Visiting Medium) is a big part of the cyber crime scene. Today, three types of ransomware have become the source of most ransomware attacks: providers of infected endpoints (Remote Desktop Protocol), providers of infected network devices, and providers of computers that have previously been infected with software. brutal.

Defending against these three types of initial access instructions is usually the easiest way to avoid ransomware. While protecting the first two usually requires implementing good password policies and updating the device, the third is difficult to prevent. This is because malware operators tend to rely on social engineering to trick users into installing malware on their systems even when their computers are running modern programs.

ZDNet has released a list of known malicious viruses that have been used to install ransomware in the past two years. The site has worked with security researchers from companies such as Advanced Intelligence, Binary Defense, and Sophos.

The list of malware includes: Emotet، و Trickbot، و BazarLoader، و QakBot، و SDBBot، و Dridex،  Buer،  Per Sophos،  Phorpiex،  CobaltStrike.

ZDNet advises company system administrators. Once any of these malware is detected, the top priority is to fix that malware, shut down the system, and scan and remove malware.

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