Twitter will display a warning if you like a recorded Tweet
Twitter will display a warning if you like a recorded Tweet

Twitter has announced plans to expand its warning function ahead of the 2020 elections when it tries to like fragmented tweets.

If you try to retweet a Tweet classified as potentially misleading before the 2020 election, you will see warnings on the platform.

Social networks are constantly working to eliminate misinformation that has spread on their platforms.

The work will be launched worldwide this week across the web and iOS platform version and will be available for Android apps in the coming weeks.

The company said adding an alert feature reduced citations with misinformation by 29%.

Twitter appears to be hoping that this new warning, posted before the likes are marked as Tweets, will reduce the number of likes associated with the specific content.

It should be noted that the warnings (before reposting and liking classified tweets) are not the only restrictions that the platform has recently put in place to limit the spread of misinformation.

Currently, when a user tries to retweet a tweet from a certain category, Twitter opens a window to compose the quoted tweet instead of instantly sharing the tweet with subscribers.

However, you don't have to write anything. You can still post Retweet normally by clicking the Retweet button in the write window.

The platform said earlier that the warning against re-posting of secret tweets and changes to the method of reposting will continue at least until the end of the US election week.

The restrictions still apply approximately three weeks after Election Day.

While it's unlikely that this move will have exactly the same effect as preventing potential misinformation from being reposted, it is not uncommon for such Tweets to attract thousands of likes.

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