UK Coronavirus Tracker App Failed
UK Coronavirus Tracker App Failed

The coronavirus tracking app used in England has not warn users if they have been in close contact with a patient who may have contracted the virus.

According to the Initial Vulnerability Report, the Sunday Times said the vulnerability itself means thousands of people do not need to be isolated.

The Coronavirus tracking app, which launched on September 24, has been downloaded 19 million times since then and relies on Google and Apple systems to monitor nearby phones.

If someone tests positive for coronavirus, the app can also alert phones that have been in contact with them.

The UK initially planned to use its own apps to bypass Google and Apple, but changed direction in June.

Since its launch, the app has identified a small number of users at risk, and engineers discovered why last week.

The app was originally designed to recommend a quarantine zone of more than 15 minutes for people under the age of six feet rather than for people who tested positive afterward.

The Coronavirus Tracker app was changed just prior to launch to take account of the patient's symptoms.

Studies have shown that the day before symptoms start, people tend to have high levels of the virus in their nose and throat, which are the most contagious.

During the first few days after symptoms appear, levels will remain high and then decrease.

If someone comes into contact with the sick person outside of this period, the app will consider the interaction less dangerous. If the connection is established during this time, the alarm will go off only three minutes after the call. .

The government blog said the revamped app counts these new levels of risk, but the limits at which people can receive notifications have not changed.

If there is no update limit, users spend up to 15 minutes with severely infected people, and people with less infection spend up to 40 minutes without receiving notifications from tracking apps. Corona Virus.

The engineering team added another modulator that could more accurately calculate the risk from a distance of more than a meter and found the error.

A spokesperson for the UK Ministry of Health and Care said: The Coronavirus tracking app is the only app in the world that uses the latest Google and Apple technology to better measure distance and identify the population at the most vulnerable.

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