WhatsApp introduces new memory management tools
WhatsApp introduces new memory management tools

WhatsApp can use the new memory management tool to easily free up space, and Facebook's proprietary platform has redesigned the memory management tool to make it easier to find and delete users. Files that take up more space on your phone.

According to the company, WhatsApp is expected to introduce the new tool to users around the world this week. It can be used in the app by alternating between going to settings, storage, data and data management. camp".

The WhatsApp tool, currently known as "Memory Usage", sorts all available chats according to space used, lists the number of messages, pictures, GIFs and videos in each chat and allows users to delete a category. .

The current tool is useful, but it does not allow users to search deleted content. This is very important if you want to delete the group chat and avoid deleting important photos.

The new tool provides thumbnails of the content to be deleted and aggregates that data into categories including "multiple references" and "greater than 5MB".

It is now possible to delete only files or large files that have been redirected multiple times.

You can also sort the files in descending order of size so that you can easily see the long videos that take up more space and preview all the files before deleting them.

Since August, thanks to the cached resources in the beta installation files for WhatsApp, information about the new storage management tool has appeared. The tool is now officially released.

WhatsApp said: We promoted the review, deleted many articles, and saved space. The tool will be available to users around the world this week.

Platform added: We now offer simple cleaning suggestions by grouping large files and redirected media multiple times, sort files in descending order of size, preview files before deleting them, and you can also preview files View media before selecting one or more items to delete.

This should make it easier for users to locate and remove content that is no longer wanted or desirable.

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