What are the main changes for many users in the new Apple Watch update?
What are the main changes for many users in the new Apple Watch update?

Apple recently released an important update for users of Apple Watch models that support cellular connections, as they can now stream music and podcasts directly from the Spotify app without a Wi-Fi connection.

Here's why the new Apple Watch update has been a big change for many users.

The new update is a big change for many Apple Watch users who support cellular connections, as they can now play music from Spotify in Bluetooth headphones directly from their Apple Watch without the need to carry an iPhone.

Since most of the Apple Watch users rely heavily on Spotify to play their favorite music, it's very popular, but it requires an iPhone soon to work, now that it's running. No need to carry your iPhone with the latest version. You can run. With you you only need a bluetooth headset to listen to music from the application.

Interestingly, Spotify began testing Apple Watch stream support a couple of months ago, but it hasn't been widely released yet. The new update will also be implemented from the (server) side, which means you don't need to perform an update as that is the case. The program updates automatically, but the drawback is that the startup speed is high but it may not reach everyone.

However, you can tell from new prompts that appear after an hour in the Spotify app and from the next question: Want to stream from Apple Watch? If not installed, you should wait, as Spotify said, “After the initial trial period, we will now extend the streaming functionality of the Spotify app on Apple Watch to everyone. User.”

To listen to music on Apple Watch instead of iPhone, you need to connect the watch to the internet using a cellular network or Wi-Fi. If you're on the go, you need a call cell for a while, then you can skip going to a recently launched section of the app or let Siri Smart Assistant play a specific song, album, or genre in the app.

Please note that offline playlists are not supported. Many users want this feature to be available only on a very small number of competing watches, such as: b. For Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

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