With Google Maps, you can make calls and listen to music
With Google Maps, you can make calls and listen to music

According to the company's announcement, you can now use Google to receive calls, send text messages and play music via the Google Maps app. The new update has now been released for Android phones where you can focus on driving on the road while the Google Assistant switches to the new driving mode. This means you can make and receive calls. Send and listen to text messages and via Google Maps only the app's audio controls the music without taking your hands off the wheel and without looking out of the road.

The wizard will remind you of an incoming call so you can answer or reject your voice without looking at the phone. For example, Google Assistant doesn't directly check your device to see who is calling you while you're driving. Then click to answer the call. Instead he will say ((Call from Muhammad, do you want to answer?)), Then you can say, (Yes or No answer) Call or decline the call.

You can also play media content from streaming services in the following ways: YouTube Music, Spotify, and Google Podcast using: “Hey Google, open [singer]” or “OK Google, open [song name]”. You can submit requests by genre, album, or simply: listen to music.

First of all, open the Google Maps app on your Android phone, go to the destination and click on the pop-up window to start the process. You can also say "Ok Google, open Assistant Settings", then select "Navigation" and "Driving View" to turn them on.

Now the auxiliary driving mode feature is only available for Android users (version 9.0 or above). Google said: More benefits will be shown in assisted driving mode soon.

Google has worked hard to improve the usability and convenience of its apps, adding a number of tools and benefits. The Google Maps app has been expanded to include three new functions, including traffic jams in direct traffic. Google said, "Since its popularity began, we have added nearly 250 new features and improvements to Google Maps to allow you to adapt to this new standard." Example: Google uses aggregate location data to display nearly 20 million places around the world. Rush hour you might want to avoid. Meanwhile, these maps are updated 50 million times a day and contain reliable data from more than 10,000 local governments, transit agencies, and other organizations.

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